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Mental health in pregnancy

Mental health in pregnancy

According to research conducted by King’s College London, one in four pregnant women suffers from mental health problems.   Depression and anxiety were among the most common disorders among pregnant women.  Therefore, it is best to seek help early for the baby’s sake, as well as for the couple.

Lawyers and couple therapists report a surge in calls on January 8, known as Divorce Day, as couples think of ending their marriage after the festive period.  This can be attributed to the stress of trying to have the perfect Christmas, when in fact, the couple are no longer happy together.

Couple Date night

Date Night

When was the last time you had a ‘date night’ with your partner?  Many couples would say six months in response to this question, due to their busy lives.  

Couples I work with, frequently report better communication and feel that their relationship is enhanced by spending quality time together.

Popular activities are meals out, going to the cinema together, or simply going for a walk and a chat over a coffee.  This year make time and take time out for each other.

Emotional health in childhood

Emotional health in childhood

This is more important for an adult’s satisfaction than other factors, such as wealth.  Academics from the Wellbeing research programme found that income only accounts for a small amount when people consider their life satisfaction.

A recent study shows that women and children experience a drop in their living standards compared to fathers after relationship breakdowns.

While mental health and life satisfaction declined for separating partners initially, these quickly return to pre-split levels.

Individual or joint counselling sessions can help couples who are separating, as well as their children.